A Biblical post-apocalypic game in the Cortex System

Legion is a setting I had rattling around in my head for a while after listening to the song “Legion” by Savior Machine (Where the setting got its name) and watching the American Dad episode with this same setting. The campaign I will be running will focus on characters living in the mid-western United States and focus on the moral/political progression of humanity after a disaster of this magnitude.

This game does not represent my personal views or beliefs and is meant to be taken as entertainment. Because it deals with concepts of religion it may tread into areas that areas that conflict with religious views. That is fine. Just turn around a leave. I don’t agree with most of this either.

Any images used here should fall under Fair Use. However, if you see an image that you own and you do not want it here please send me a message and I will take it down.


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