Session 2
Journal Entry - Sgt. Marcus Gilbertson

After a day of walking, we arrived at a farm on the outskirts of the airport. Amanda opened the barn door to begin conducting a search for supplies joined by Jason and Jeremy, while Edward and I stood watch outside. Upon opening the door at approximately 1700 hours, Amanda reported contact in the interior of the barn. The entire troop entered to conduct a sweep and clear before continuing on with the search. While the others searched a survey of the surroundings indicated the presence of rodent life, given sparse supplies I set up a trap in an attempt to supplement rations.

After a search of the barn returned limited supplies and with the hopes of allowing the trap some time to work, the party concluded a search of the farmhouse was due. The building was clearly neglected, however a cursory search of the exterior revealed the presence of a chained cellar door with signs of an attempted breakout. Myself and Edward took up an overwatch while the remainder of the party gained entry to the cellar. As the door was breached a rotten corpse fell forward, bearing indications of attempting to escape. No supplies were found below, though reports of apparent cannibalism were abundant. Marching was resumed after checking the traps and acquiring a gopher. The march was uneventful until we reached the airport fence. It was determined to be best to set up camp in an old work shed and post a rotating guard. After several hours Jason awoke me to inform me of light activity across the field, in the process of information transfer Edward was also awoken. After initially dismissing the activity as insects, the globe manifested itself again and a foray was mounted to investigate after ensuring Amanda was awake in the event something went wrong. Using the cover of darkness Jason, Edward and myself advanced across the field and discovered an oil lantern burning in a sand trap of the golf course.

Splashing noises behind caused us to investigate, after backs were turned running was heard off to a flank. Suspecting the worst, I spun to face the threat while activating my weapon light. A figure was illuminated and training took over to neutralize the threat, one round was fired and the figure tumbled to the ground releasing a scream. Determining the threat in front was no longer valid and hearing the sounds of an altercation, I turned to face the second threat where he was ordered to the ground at gunpoint while Jason subdued him.

At this time Jeremy and Amanda arrived on scene where she performed first aid on the shooting victim who upon questioning we learned was Carl and his accomplice Nate. They informed us that they were exfiltrating the area out of fear from a creature residing in the airport terminal that consumed their companion. However they were unable to provide visual confirmation of a threat and arguments were held regarding what to do with our current prisoners. During the confrontation, voices became loud and a running noise was detected in the grass. Jeremy went to investigate, arming himself with a shovel, I followed offset. I heard a soft voice beckoning me to come closer and halted. While Jeremy proceeded to advance and attempt contact. Without warning he suddenly disappeared into the inky black. After calling Edward to the front lines I proceeded to ready to follow over the spot and locate Jeremy and informed Edward to leave if I did not return. As I prepared to take a step, Jeremy suddenly materialized swinging a shovel at my head, I reflexively dropped to a supine position and readied my weapon. Jeremy continued through with the swing and connected with Edward’s head, I fired a warning shot in an attempt to stop the conflict but immediately after Edward discharged his shotgun deafening all three in the area. After much yelling until our hearing returned, it was determined Jeremy was engaged in combat with a demon and somehow materialized instead of connecting. It was determined to retreat to the shack and venture to the terminal tomorrow, despite my feelings that we should deal with the demon in the fields. Carl and Nate will be joining us on our trip to the terminal, who knows what we will find there.

Session 1 - Introduction

The group was going about normal day-to-day operations in the town of Alliance when one of them spotted smoke on the horizon. They took a truck out to the farm of Frank Nash who owns a farm on the outside of the town. Upon arrival they found the corn fields on fire and encountered three dog like demons and quickly took care of them. They managed to save some of the crops, but most was lost. Upon return to town they spoke with Ron and decided a scouting/salvaging mission was needed to make up the loss. The group prepared and departed for the Alliance Municipal Airport to the southeast of town.


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