Character Creation Guide

Characters are made using standard Cortex rules, except where noted below.

Group Template/Expectations

Characters must be in Alliance, Nebraska for some reason and should be willing to help the town (or at least go along with them) for some reason. This will be discussed at character creation.


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Gear and Economy

There is no money in this system. All trade is done through barter and value is very subjective. Some places still use currency, but with no reliable way to prove that currency has value most people have reverted to barter. You may have a ton of money, but you can’t shoot a demon with it.

Gear works as printed in the rulebook. Gear should be modern, but devices that require communications infrastructure (cellphones, computers, etc.) do not work as most of the infrastructure is destoryed. It may work in isolated areas, but as a rule it is useless (This is an apocalypse after all!).

Players are encouraged to come up with slight varients of the basic wepons and gear listed in the rulebook. Be creative with cosmetics and models. As long at there is a good reason they would have it, and the item is not overpowered it should be allowed. The most important thing is to flavor things for the setting.

Character Creation Guide

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